Elegant – N2 CMS

I am really “excited” as i am starting something which i always wanted to. “Blogging” about things which I explore or I like to share with the world.

I would be starting with something which i have recently evaluated. We were looking for a CMS open source, which could help us to develop some CMS based sites easily, effecticely and smartly. I heard about Umbraco so just tried to evaluate that

first. Can not believe, that setting up Umbraco CMS took almost my whole day and still I was partial successful. So finally I decided to read about the problems of Umbraco rather then configuration and documentation. Soon I found I am  not the only one who is facing problem but there are many people like me. When I read about the troubles, also got to know  Umbraco needs alot of configuration changes and which are not good and easy for the small project where sites are hosted on Shared servers. As it needs moderate access permissions which is not really easily/even not posible on the Shared hosting site.

I googled for the “Best and award” winning CMS in the open source community and found N2 as one of the new CMS and with good reviews. It is a new CMS and developed in ASP.Net with the latest technology like MVC  framework, Ni hibernate etc. When I read the review about N2 CMS those were pretty impressive and decided to explore this CMS.

“I could not believe !! I was able to set this up in just 1 hour’s time.

When I was reading reviews I was bit worried about the documentation of N2, as it is in very nascent stage currently and there are chances not to have sufficient documentation in comparison to other CMS systems.

But I was really amazed when I saw files like “read me”, and in-line documentation in the web.config was really descriptive and helpful. I am really happy the way N2 has provided help and documentation, fast installation and configuration. I will really recommend N2 CMS for new CMS based websites.

As soon as I will explore more features of N2 I will write about those, so that other can get help to speed up their development work. Even this way I can also contribute to the open source community 🙂


2 thoughts on “Elegant – N2 CMS

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  1. Hi Shivani,
    Any luck with N2 CMS. I am exploring a suitable ASP.NET based CMS system. Can you please share your thoughts and experience about this….

    1. Hi Balvvant,

      We have explored N2CMS fir project it was really good, but then project needed much simpler CMS so we did not continue with N2CMS. As customization for the N2CMS was taking little longer and we had strict deadline.
      If you are looking for CMS in .Net then there is one more CMS YAF. You can also check that.

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