Jruby on Ubuntu 10.04

Installation of Jruby on ubuntu 1. First of all get the installer  for the Jruby from the jruby site http://jruby.org/download. As we wanted to use the latest version 1.6.2 so we downloaded that version and as we want to do this installation on Ubuntu so we  downloaded  .tar.gz  file (JRuby 1.6.2 Binary .tar.gz (md5, sha1)... Continue Reading →


First Application in JRuby

I am learning Jruby these days and faced few issues in creating my first application in jruby. I followed same steps which i have used for the creation of Ruby app. I jruby does go through smoothly. I think this blog will help people who are getting same problem. go to working directory as I... Continue Reading →

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